Kunci Gitar Steel Heart - She's Gone

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Intro : Am F G E F D E

She's gone,

Out of my life.
I was wrong,
I'm to blame,
I was so untrue.
   D                  E
I can't live without her love.

In my life
There's just an empty space.
     G             E
All my dreams are lost
I'm wasting away
   D          E
Forgive me, girl.


     F               C
Lady, won't you save me?
   G                 D
My heart belongs to you.
   F               C
Lady, can you forgive me?
   G             D
For all I've done to you.
  F           G
Lady, oh, lady.

(verse x2) : Am F G E F D E

(Chorus x2) : F C G D

(solo) : Am F G E F D E

(Chorus) : F C G D

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